Dex Romweber Duo Shoot At Marsh Woodwinds

We began shooting our second video for the Dex Romweber Duo at Marsh Woodwinds "Upstairs" in downtown Raleigh.


Owner, Rodney Marsh, has created a home and performance space for musicians of all persuasions and an epic hang for the rest of us. It has all the dark, sultry warmth of a jazz lounge, yet is filled with invitingly eclectic artifacts like the prowling panther behind Sarah Romweber and her drums.

Marsh Woodwinds has been carving out its own musical history for over 25 years, earning its place as "the best music store in the region".  The performance space, "Upstairs", reminded us of the hidden Speakeasys of the 1920's, except that it's all on the up and up - they serve only free soft-drinks and snacks - and heavily quirky ambiance. It's all part of what makes you feel like you're in on some great secret.


Jerry directs our cast of romantic leads...and all kinds of passion seemed to ooze right out of the aqua and midnight blue walls.